Sunday, September 25, 2011

Earlier this month a young teen near Buffalo, NY killed himself. He had been bullied for years. His parents knew about it. His school knew about it. His friend knew about it. Each did what they, in their own way, could do about it. I guess.

I despised junior high. I was an outcast. I can't say I was bullied. I was ignored however. And I see that was the beginning of my years or depression. Is it selfish of me to think that way. How is being ignored so bad? I should be thankful I had not been bullied. Or even popular in the sense that I may have had friends who would have introduced me to things I was not emotionally or physically ready for.

Even in high school things were only slightly better. Our class had its group of mean girls. There were 12 girls in the entire class. Five of them were their own little group of mean girls. I can speculate as to why they did not like me much. But. They never bullied me. They were just mean.

This brings me to my point. We seldom know how our words or actions or lack there of will effect a person. Ignoring a person can be as mean as taunting them. I am not suggesting including every person to every event or every conversation. But simply saying hello or occasionally asking them to participate in a conversation could make a significant difference to them. I never wanted to go to the mall with those girls. But maybe just once being included in a conversation would have been nice. As long as they were not mean about it.

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