Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stepping back

I am a creative person. Not clever like Martha or the Cake Boss. Just creative in a I-steal-ideas-from-others creative.

Everyday my daughter has homework.

Today I was given homework as well. And no its not one of my daughter's projects that Supermom will assist and finish in her slightly perfectionist way. Its a simple list. A list for 100 words she needs to know. The list is for us (mom and dad and kiddo) to use at home. Fluency practice, they say.

Super Mom screamed an overly enthusiastic "YAY!". Average mom mumbled "oh. yay."

Here is where I stepped back. I take a mental realistic picture of the potential outcome. If I go all out (Super Mom) with color coordinating paper, a perfectly selected font followed by laminating endless sheets of paper Great idea, right? Not likely. At first it will be a cool project until around word 34 (that is the word "what", by the way). Then it will be painfuly daunting. I will run out of the cool paper or laminating sheets (typical poor planning on my part). Once the project is finished (if it ever is). A few words will get lost. The words will be replaced by a 3 x 5 card and the word written on that. The card will never feel the heat of a laminating machine either. Poor sad & neglected 3 x 5 card (sounds like the life of most second children). Or (average mom) I will write the words on 100 3 x 5 cards and hand it over to my child for safe keeping.

Even if I do manage to make 100 colorful, coordinating & laminated flashcards, will my child recall fondly the time I did so? I am doubtful.

I want to create but I also do not want to make more trouble for myself. Super mom and average mom are beginning to fight this one out.

If you know me at all, you know what I will do in the end. I'll post photos soon.

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