Friday, December 20, 2013

Inner voice vs. Pride

I do not know what you call it. Maternal instinct. Intuition. Gut feeling. Mine is not subtle. It screams at me. Keeps me up at night in some cases. It's is like a toddler who was never disciplined or sleep trained.

On Friday's I usually drive the kiddos to school. Today I needed to drop a Pampered Chef order off at a friend's before she heads out of town. If I did that but still wanted to drop them at school, I would need to leave the house almost 30 minutes earlier than usual. Fine, I thought. I can do that. We can do that. But all night I kept thinking and waking up to the thought that I should just call my father in law and ask him to take the kids to school. No. I can do it I assured myself.  At 6 am I realized I could not. It would be ok to throw up a white flag. I can't do it all. I missed my extra 5 minutes and extra kisses. But my friend has her goods, I am not stressed from having to rush (the road from her house to a main road is wretched so I had to crawl along), and the 36 gingerbread hopefully made it to school in one piece.

I guess there is a reason the voice in my head screams. Maybe I should listen more and stop being so selfish.

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