Saturday, December 21, 2013

Oh no she didn't!

Last evening I had to drive 30 minutes on ice covered roads to get myself to our local UrgiCare. My regular provider is on vacation.
I had my 8 year old daughter with me. I did not have my insurance card with me.

The receptionist was curt. And grumbly. I will not be treated with disrespect. Customer service is important to me. I have more or less been in customer service for 20 years.  And I can tell you I have crappy days. And I have been curt and grumbly with customers. No good comes of it.

I walked out. Daughter in tow. The office manager raced after me. I insisted that I would go to the hospital. It was fine. She pushed and I confessed my disgust with how I, a sick and in-pain person, was treated. She urged me to return to the office and be treated. She also apologized.

A kind NP examined me and called in a Rx for me.

I explained tothe my dear daughter that under no uncertain terms that she should never allow others to be rude to her. She should also never be rude. No good comes of it.  An analogy about honey and vinegar was included.

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